The Address

The Speaker comes to the front of the podium, a symbol of strength and order in the midst of the chaos and destruction. His voice is deep and rich, the kind of voice that could turn any excitable crowd to an savage riot or melt the coldest of hearts to a sweet syrup with its powerful spell

My fellow citizens, friends, brothers
I speak to you from the ashes of the Cichlid manor to show you, plainly, what we have all lost. One of the great houses that ran this city has been destroyed. I want you to know that I understand the sacrifices each one of you here has made for our cause, and I beg of you to keep faith, that these sacrifices are not meaningless, that there is hope yet, and in the meantime, I ask you to take small comfort in that we are suffering together; you may not know, but my even my own dear sister was taken by the terrorists. However, I am thankful to say that, she has been returned. With luck and fortitude, I want to reassure that the rest of you may soon be able to say the same.
I have grand plans for the future of this city and I hope that you will stay with me to reap these rewards. Firstly, I am going to start a project to reforge this city. As the phoenix of legend that we are, we shall rise from the ashes of this war, stronger, fiercer and bolder to rise against those that threaten us. As of next week, the desolate and unoccupied southern territories of the city will be steadily deleted and new, better buildings will be erected in their stead. In this newly reformed city we shall strike out at the cancerous growth that we have let fester for far too long. We shall make an earnest crackdown on the crime in this city. We shall be informing lone star that the harshest of punishments will be called upon and applied in enforcement of any and all laws.

The speaker reaches to his comlink at this point and for one single, fleeting moment, a mysterious flash of emotion slips across his face

I must speak, again, of sober news. New evidence has come to light that the man who financed and helped plan the assassination of Randal Cichlid was none other than Feir Melierax. We apprehended him as he returned to the city from his beach house in Keys and we now hold him in custody, but I must warn you that he has treacherous accomplices whose whereabouts are currently unknown. Though they are known by the aliases of Mama and Papa they may now be using their real, lesser-known names of Jaya Stolypin and Philip Grey. The supposed agent of CAS who lead this terrorist cell has been reviled to be Lance G. Walsh, dishonourable discharge veteran of the Peru war. As yet, the members of the hit squad that brought down Mr Cichlid have evaded us but when they are found and identified they will be subjected to the full force of the law. Until that time I ask you to be vigilant. I am now however speaking directly to them. If anyone thinks that they can hold my sister hostage, and freely wage a war of terror on this city without facing the full consequences of their actions, they should think again. Those who try to break our spirit, by assassination or any other means, only succeeds in creating a resistance stronger and more determined, and one that will not surrender.

Now, for those of you who are worried about where the money for all these grand schemes and ideas is coming from, those of you who are.. concerned, that your purse strings will be cut and emptied into an endeavour that will feed the future’s families, but not necessarily your own, well my friends you needn’t worry. Thanks to a set of generous donations from Ares, Shiawase and Sader-Krupp corporations, we will be able to put these plans into motion soon, and with our benefactors, we will also be restructuring the way the city is run, all with no financial burden on the people we aim to help. From now on, we will have just one mayor and the corporations families and law enforcement agencies will all report to him, as will anyone else, should they wish to make changes to the land and property of our city and its people. Citizens, friends, brothers, I thank you for your time and together, with your help and a little company leverage, we shall make this city strong again.

He bows his head slightly, then finally Shen Mikinoet flashes a crowd winning smile and the feed cuts to black

The Address

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