Character Creation Rules

Ok after going through through some shadowrun forums I have found a nice set of rules that will make the game better for the setting I am trying to create here.

The reasons for the rules are 2 fold 1 you are new runners 2 You are not very old you are no older that 23 but no younger than 17

Anyway here are the house rules I shall have

Only the core book so Shadowrun 4ed core rules

350 points for character creation. (This means no more than 175 points for baseline stats)

You may take a single skill at 5 or two at 4, max.

Skill Groups top out at 3 ranks.

Resources cap at 40 points, rather than 50 as normal.

Availability is capped at 8, rather than 12.

Contacts are capped at Level 4 on loyalty or influence.

That is all.

If you cant be botherd with a back story use this AMAZING background generator

Character Creation Rules

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