Shen Mikinoet


Age 25
Sex: M


He is the 7th son of the Mikinoet dynasty. He is the only member of the main family who will acknowledge Serah in public this might have something to do with there closeness in age or him not sticking to tradition as well as his family would hope

He is the current Head of the Talismonger division of the Mikinoet family. This leaves him with a fair amount of time to explore his own ‘side projects’ as they are refereed to in the company but they are generaly quite lucrative for those involved. He is considered quite young to hold a seat on the council

He is also the youngest in another area. He is considered to be the centralist of the Council of Curu generally getting the more extreme members to compromise on policies and sugesting middle road policies to follow and maintain the status quo in the city

His fate after the ‘party’ is unknown.

Shen Mikinoet

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