Serah Mikinoet

Yongest daughter of house Mikinoet


Height: 5’6
Hair: Red
Build: Athletic
She is usually wearing some form of functional fashion


Before he 16th birthday she was being groomed. One of the most powerful magical dinasties in the world was raising her to take over there business in dealing with the specific needs of dragons and the stupidly rich corps. She was trained in many different areas needed for the sometimes literal cut throat world of the board room.

This changed after her 16th birthday

No one is quite sure what happened on that day but after that but she has never been seen wearing the emblazoned sigil of the awakened members of the house and she has never been give ‘adult’ colours and it all started to go down hill.

It could be said serah is the bad influence on Dorian and Feir. She has little no no responsibly in the house due to what happened on her 16th birthday. She has over come this initially by throwing her self in to parties until she was dragged out of this spiral by [[Dorian:]] which seemed to seal what ever it is going on between the 2 of them in stone.

She has been absent since the incident she was last seen taking care of Dorian after the party. When she was last seen they where seen arguing about something. She screamed something about saving the city and not chasing some cockamamie scheme.

She has not been seen for a month.

Serah Mikinoet

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