Robert Cameron

Mikinoet affiliated street mage - "The action is the juice"



Body: 4
Agility: 4
Reaction: 3
Strength: 2
Charisma: 2
Intuition: 2
Logic: 4
Willpower: 4
Edge: 4
Essence: 6
Initiative: 5
Magic: 5
Edge: 4


Banishing 2
Binding 2
Summoning 2
Disguise 2
Infiltration 2
Palming 2
Shadowing 2
Clmbing 1
Gymnastics 1
Running 1
Swimming 1
Dodge 2
Assensing 1
Arcana 1
Counterspelling 4
Spellcasting 4
Perception 3
Con 1
Etiquette 1
Negotiation 1
Pilot Ground Craft 1
Language: Sperethiel 2

Black Markets 2
Area Knowledge 2
Dealers 3
Safehouses 2
Spirits 3
Magic Background 3
Magic Threats 1

Magician (15BP)
Adrenaline Surge (15BP)

Albinism (10BP)
Spirit Bane (10BP)
Incompetent (Hacking) (5BP)
Addiction, mild (Painkillers) (5BP)

Resist Pain
Mind Probe

A Influence 4 Loyalty 4
B Influence 2 Loyalty 2

8140 Nuyen
Armor Jacket
Contact Lenses
+ Light Amplification
+ Flare Compensation
+ Vision Magnification
+ Vision Enhancement (Rating 3)
+ Audio Enhancement (Rating 3)
Respirator (Rating 6)
Medkit (Rating 6)
3x Stimulant Patch (Rating 3)
Fake Sin (Rating 3)
Full Face Mask
Spellcasting Focus (Rating 2)
Street Lifestyle


Robert Cameron, referred to by his street handle “Sargon” by most everyone, would have been labelled as “potential shadowrunner” by any psychoanalyst almost from birth. He possesses the right mixture of casual disregard for rules, safety or basic human decency, a tendency to thrill seek, a natural instinct for greed and a need to be ‘in the action’ that almost every shadowrunner possesses to some degree. Cameron is destined to be a ‘lifer’ – when he got into the business, there was no thought given to retirement, a nest egg, an exit strategy or anything of the sort. Sargon would skirt the law until he died and would have it no other way.

His developing magical aptitude and eventual training in the hermetic tradition by House Mikinoet did nothing but kindle his dangerous tendencies. Considered too unsafe for work as a security mage, enchanter or ritualist, Sargon found himself as a freelance battle mage for hire with strong ties to the house that trained him. He tends to spend money as soon as he makes it, generally on medical bills, new equipment or new magical training. The past year has seen him drifting more from ‘legitimate’ work putting down unruly gangs or assisting in takedowns on smuggling rings to doing jobs for the very same people he used to be paid to hunt. Sargon doesn’t particularly care where the work comes from and generally doesn’t mind the pay as long as it isn’t insulting, all he needs is an objective, preferably with targets.

The recent insect incursion into New Orleans has led to an unfortunate revelation for Robert – there’s something about his astral signature that really ticks off the bugs something fierce. A few close calls with angry spirits has led to him going to ground. With a city at war around him, the bugs closing in and years of combat training to lead him right into danger, Sargon is in desperate need of allies, shelter and that all important juice to prevent him taking the fight right to them.

Robert Cameron

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