Ellene Melierax

Younger sister of Feir


The sister of Feir. She sort of fell in to the spotlight on her 12th birthday after crashing the family’s yacht in to the CAS war ship docked in the bay. She had been unseen up until this point post people thought that she was a made up story to draw away from the fact that Sophia seemed to be unable to have more children. She grew up around her brother and his friends but was much more sheltered.

She and Theoden have ‘something’ going on, no one is quite sure as to what.

She has taken to hiding in her tent during the day since the death of her parents and Theoden’s kidnapping. Feir and Serah both are at a lose as to what to do. Dorian seems to think that noting is wrong and she is just sleeping.

Ellene Melierax

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