Dr. Linford Rake

Augmentation addicted expert, forced into the life of a Shadowrunner.

Attributes Natural Current Skills Rank Pool
Body 4 4 BIOTECH 3
Agility 3 3 >Cybertechnology (Headware) 4 10
Reactions 3 3 >First Aid 3 9
Strength 3 3 >Medicine 3 9
Charisma 4 4 ELECTRONICS 2
Intelligence 4 4 >Computer 2 8
Logic 5 6 >Data Search 2 8
Will 3 3 >Hardware 2 8
>Software 2 8
Edge 2 3 INFLUENCE 3
Essence 6 1.135 >Con 3 6
Magic 0 0 >Etiquette 3 6
Resonance 0 0 >Leadership 3 6
>Negotiation 3 6
Instruction 1 4
Quick Healer +10 ATHLETICS 1
Will to Live +10 >Climbing 1 4
Ambidextrous +5 >Gymnastics 1 4
>Running 1 4
SINer -5 >Swimming 1 4
Augmentation Addiction -10
Addiction, Severe (Bliss) -20 Unarmed Combat (Cyber-Implant) 3 6
Pistols 2 5
Exotic Ranged Weapon 3 6
Contacts Connection Loyalty
Alicia Reynder 3 4 Pilot Ground Vehicle 1 4
– Cybertech Engineer
Benson Dimitrov 4 2 Nat Language: English
– Cybertech Businessman Language: Russian 3 7
Johnson 3 2 Language: Japanese 3 7
Perception (+3 Visual/Audio) 3 7
> +2 to find Audio source, or taste/smell checks
Medical Background (Cybertech Medicine) 4 10
Chemistry 3 9
Biology (Physiology) 4 10
Engineering 3 9
Black Markets (Cyberware) 3 7
Art 1 5
Business 2 8
Current Events (Technology) 3 7
UCAS Politics 2 6
>+1 Knowledge,Language,Memory tests

“Flesh is weak! Look, look how easily it tears! Ouch… Why on earth would I not want cybernetic enhancements? And no, no I do not have a problem…okay maybe a small one. I am slightly addicted to Bliss. But it doesn’t do me any harm. Besides, I need it for my augmentations.”

Lindford has a problem. Anyone can see that. He gets twitchy, itchy and angry if he hasn’t had his fix of Bliss for the day. On a bad day, he’s come close to maiming people for some of his special “nourishment”.

And then there’s the augmentations. If he hasn’t had his augmentation fix for the month, well, that’s even worse. If he hasn’t had Bliss either, just try not to irritate him.

Fortunately, he has a couple of Augmentation experts close at hand, including himself, so he hasn’t killed anyone…yet.


Slowly becoming more robot than human. Linford has now successfully augmented over half his body. Standing at just short of 6’, Linford has messy brown hair, and well…that’s about the main thing that is left natural. What is left of his flesh is covered in dermal plating, but has been made skin coloured, if only to ensure his cybernetics stand out more. All of his 5 senses are enhanced in one way or another, with both cybernetic ears and and eyes mostly obvious, and metal covering varying parts of his nose and mouth, indicating heavy modifications in those areas as well.

His left side is currently the most heavily augmented, with a full obvious cybernetic arm and half leg, whilst his right arm has a more subtle synthetic half augmentation, mostly in order to get the slight surprise on people when he electrocutes them. Across his entire body though are the slight glow of numerous wires underneath the skin, by this point, probably keeping him alive.


Linford was born into a scientific family from New Orleans. His parents where both Chemists, so science has always run in his blood. But at an early age he became fascinated by cybernetics. They way they could improve a person’s ability, the way nerves and wires seamlessly become one, and the way they looked. Young Linford would often pester his parents for Augmentations, but they sensibly refused. They did however take a skin sample at some point before he turned 16, and his 16th birthday present was a bioware skin pocket. He loved it, but he knew there was more, bioware was tamer, it was grown from you so was less likely to rebel, and it was so much more safer (plus, it didn’t look as cool). He wanted the rush you could only get from cybernetics.

Then there was an accident. Nothing major, but whilst studying Bioware and Cybernetics at the New Orleans university, but an experiment went wrong, and a metal fragment was lodged in his eye. He shortly passed out after as you would expect, screamed in pain.

When we woke in the hospital, he was blind in one eye, though they were certain the other one would be fine. Linford didn’t care, he had savings, and no use for them at the current time. He was getting both eyes augmented. The thrill, the excitement, he’s never looked back. Unfortunately for the worst. He became addicted, obsessed with cybertech. He managed to get through a doctorate in cybertech keeping it under control, although this is likely to smaller upgrades sufficing and bioware to help, but then he got a job.He moved to Baton Rouge, a city outside New Orleans, and got a job as cybertech developer at a research company, XXX. He worked his way up, made many friends, and got more augmentations. He was a good employee, assuming he’d had his augmentation fix that month.

Unfortunately, there was a bad month, his girlfriend left him, taking her share of the rent and bills and the car. His expenses shot through the roof shortly after pay day. He could barely afford to eat until he got things sorted. Then the cravings kicked in, but he had no money, and nobody around would give him money for another “unnecessary” upgrade. So he did it himself. He was working on some new tech, and one quiet afternoon, installed it into himself. He’d already had several work tech installed as parts of tests, but they weren’t done by him. It’s never easy to install tech on yourself.

And he cocked up. Jiddery from the addiction, and stressed from life, he cocked up, slipped, and cut half his arm off. His boss arrived an hour later to find blood covering the lab, and Linford barely alive.

He was saved, and has since replaced the arm, but it wasn’t easy, and he didn’t get off light. He was fired, but due to his good work, wasn’t branded a criminal. He was told to get help. So he did, a cyberengineer, Vox, that is willing to do the less than legal ones, and is happy to wait for the money as long as he doesn’t take the piss.

Unfortunately, his addiction hasn’t helped job hunting, and he’s turned to Shadow Running in the mean time to help feed his addiction, and pay the bills and buy food…but mostly for the tech. After all, if you’re teched up enough, food, drink and sleep are less of an issue.

He’s not a bad runner, but admits to himself that he is hopelessly out matched by the others. Though you’ll never hear him say it. He has too much pride, after all, the others are all flesh, and he’s far closer to perfection than they are. How can they be better than him?

Dr. Linford Rake

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