Dorrian Alces

Party boy and Mechanical Mastermind


Height: 5’9
Hair: Brown
Skinny and scrawny but seems to make what ever clothing he is wearing look good


The only son of Gaelen Alces. Is a wild party boy but is also one of the best engineers and inventors that the Alces have on staff. Is known to be out in the Yellow zones far more than his family would like. Is generally seen in the company of Feir Melierax and Serah Mikinoet. He seems to have a minor addiction to some of the ‘softer’ drugs that 2074 has to offer.

His an Serah Mikinoet’s relationship to outward eyes should not work this is mainly due to her constantly looking out for him in his invention creating drug addled haze. Those who know them however see how much he cares for her in less overt ways.

He is currently working on a method of synthesising the nano bots inscribed with runes as a way to prevent and a remove a spirit infection from a person.

Dorrian Alces

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