Whatever pays the bills

What followed after

After what can only be described as a traumatic experience for all involved at the Aztechnology facility the runners made there way back to The Sunbeam tavern. They have a quick chat with Philip before heading in to the back room to meet with the Johnson. At this point the all settle down to hand over the goods and receive there cash. After about 10 mins of waiting the Johnson walks in hair a tad disheveld and shirt decidedly scruffy, almost as though he had just pulled him self away from something and gotten dressed in a hurry.

‘Oh good I am glad to see you have got the stuff. If you would care to hand over the device anything else gained on the trip is yours to do with as you see fit.’ Upon claiming the device
‘you Nyen will be transferred within the hour. Oh and I would advise lying low for the next few weeks Aztechnology will more than likely be after you’ He looks pointedly at Adam as this was said. ‘Adam in future obey Rule 10 please. Prepare for Fier’s job as best you can but be quite about it but from what I can tell it should be easy money.’ With that he leaves and you slowly filter out agreeing to meet again here the day before Fier’s mystery job.



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