Whatever pays the bills

The Aftermath

The Seeds of War

Well, we have Vampires in the safehouse and Insect Spirits taking over downtown…

After you’re done processing that the TV has some new news for you. Turns out CAS (Central American States for people like me who don’t speak acronym) don’t want to start a war, so accept Louisiana’s withdrawal from CAS and “will help to make this transition successful”
Read: “will help, with many missiles and bullets

The TV goes on to announce Mississippi and Texas also want to leave. The picture of the orcen General’s face would be priceless at this moment if the news weren’t so serious.
Must not be silly, must not be silly, must not be silly

Marshall Law is declared and the PCP (no translation this time, sorry) believe that the families are to blame for the sad state of affairs. So then it gets worse, and personal, if it wasn’t already.

The house starts to shake and the very near and very loud sounds of shells get us grasping for our stuff as we leg it. We pack the van and drive towards the lagoons, out of the shelling zone and the insect controlled areas of the city. Phillip decides to stay behind to find Theodin. So very tempted to join him, I am bundled into the vehicle as it leaves the area. House Cyclid do not join us. Our final views of the city are filled with fires and rubble of buildings I used to know.

We get to the Grand Lagoon where a CAS army camp has been set up. The soldiers have different reactions as we disembark the battered van. They seem to fear Fear, well, it is his name I guess.. They respect Mama and it seems she has worked for them at some point. They view us as street scum, or that might be just me in which case they are correct, but that’s still no reason to point guns at us.

We get led to the main tent to meet this guy. Serah and Dorian are there, so its a happy(ish) reunion with Fear and Elaine. On the way I may have found a tent containing lasers! Will have to sneak in there later.. oh yer, back to inportant guy. His name was Corporal Lance Walsh. Turns out his CO (Commanding Officer) was the orc on TV, General Andross and he knew Mama as Jaya.

Something bad happened to Chicago years ago, involving a large bomb, and Mama, Papa and Andross may have been involved.

Anyways, we got to talking with Lance and he admitted shelling the supposedly empty civilian areas of the city to scare Randall. Also they have around a dozen magical soldiers and could use our help. Dorian explained to use that we need to get some of that blue stuff that Theodin gave me, it repels spirits or something.

They have a desktop forge! Yay… dunno what it is… Apparently copies things.. I wander if you could copy full credsticks…

So it looks like we’ll be out of the city for a few months…
I just bought a house, dammit!



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