Whatever pays the bills

Jailbreak Part 1

Batman Returns

One month later and we’ve been waging a gorilla war.
Fun fact: Does not contain monkeys, apes on the other hand…

We have been camping for a while now, continuously moving and taking the occasional combat teams into the city. The spirits still control the majority of the city. Phillip hasn’t been heard from in a while, he seems to have destroyed his commlink, but the news reports something ripping through gangs every now and again. Mama confirmed that she and Papa used to work as hired Runners for CAS like we are now. Also the guys are attempting to copy the copier machine, sorry, “Desktop Forge

Breaking News: Theodin! He’s alive! The logical part of me says it could easily be a trap with James either shapeshifting into him or Theodin being possessed insectly, but anyway.. The possibly Thoedin was being led out of town hall and to *Fear*’s tower, now a prison facility.

Mission: Save Theoman, Wait! Batdin. NO! Fuck! Navanlos?

So let’s go rescue Theodin, and hope he’s not intangible this time.

The gang assembles with our new armour and newer addition member, identity unknown as of yet, and get into an attack copter. We land safely on the roof of the prison. Cass gives me some explosives that I plant on a side of the building whilst Adam tests out his cane on the cameras, burning out their optics.

Getting impatient, our newest member rushes into the door and breaks through..

To be continued.



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