Whatever pays the bills

Hugh Rosewood's Diary 2


Ladies and gentlemen, we got him. The only downside is that nobody was paying us to do it and now we’re going to have to run around to scrape together the reward we should get for, you know, saving the country and probably ending the war in one fell swoop. At least we have the proof in the footage we took and in having the fucking body, minus one head. Trip killed him. Just like she did with James, poof, like lightning, one swing of her arm and his head gets torn off his neck. I’d say I’m a little worried about that girl but Rei turned into a drake and busted through the exterior wall of the Cichlid mansion to get us out. In reality I’m worried about all of us.

Good news though – Theoden’s alive and relatively unharmed. Not insane either, I think. Philip, Jaya and Lance are okay too so their raid went better than ours. We got Elaine out and she was treated well apparently, which is good because that’ll keep Theoden in check for a little while. All in all our little gang seems to have survived this whole ordeal intact – we even picked up a couple of new members who helped us out on the raid. They seem pretty competent, but they still need to learn that psycho adepts aren’t to be fucking negotiated with.

One snag is that Elaine has something slightly wrong with her – it’s just a little niggling thing in astral perception but her heart has this funny glimmer about it. I wouldn’t put much thought into it but when I asked Gallahad about it he got all weird and mentioned that Fier wasn’t just a dragon, he was the Fallen King before the old bastard fucked off to go talk to the spirit council or someshit. It’s a little concerning but apparently Fier is on his way back to pick up the political pieces before Mikinoet takes over everything in the chaos. I’ll ask him about it then. The other snag is that apparently Randall actually had a plan beyond world domination – the insect spirits were helping him stop… something. Something that is now our problem. It’s probably a bad sign but I’m having trouble giving a shit at all. This is genuinely not my business at all. I think I may have helped save the world – I’m a 21 year old SINless scum troll ganger who’s got into some seriously shady shit and this is nothing to do with me. Sure, I may have done the job that CAS’ black ops guys couldn’t do and I am going to be royally pissed if they don’t cut me some hazard pay for that but something that needs insect spirits to deal with it is None. Of. My. Concern.

You know what is my concern? Not dying. I’ve bled a lot in my life and come pretty close to biting it a whole bunch of times but the last 48 hours have been a record – ambushed and nearly torn to pieces by no-shit shadowrunners with a no-shit contract out on me and then being perforated by machinegun fire not 12 hours later. This is actual bullshit. I’ve finally made up my mind. I have the cash and despite what Zhang said my magic isn’t worth nearly dying for. I need augmenting, like, pronto. Good news is I know Jaya’s got a Beta-level clinic and one of the new recruits is a cyber and biotechnologist. It’ll be expensive but fuck it, I need the edge.

Makeshift todo list:

  • Talk to House Mikinoet and get me some talismans or foci or something as a reward for icing Randall. If I’m getting auged, my magic’s gonna need a boost.
  • Get blood money from CAS. Probably through Lance. Fuck those assholes, even if we weren’t officially contracted we had better get a reward for the Randall job.
  • Get auged. Probably talk to Jaya once she gets back.
  • Go the fuck into hiding for a bit. The next few weeks are going to be politics I suspect. If things get down and dirty then sure, I’ll go do some wetwork, but hopefully it won’t come to that.
  • Talk to Fier about this Fallen King shit. Never, ever cut a deal with a dragon is being ignored because he’s a friend but if there’s some spirit politics going on I need to know so I can get the fuck out before it’s too late.
  • Start planning. Get the safehouse back in action. Get a new bolthole. Restock. There will always be more jobs and I’m about to start spending which means I need to be ready for work.
  • Shoot straight, watch your back, conserve ammo and never, ever cut a deal with a goddamn dragon



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