Whatever pays the bills

3 Months On
The sands flow on

Recording Started
You are right we have all have had to move on from what happened. What we helped organise is being called the betrayal of Dragon. Interesting how names can mean so much more than just what the news agency’s want you to think. To them it just sounded poetic and fit the supposed ruthlessness of what I… we did. We call it that because we lost a king to the enemy on that day. We are still trying to figure out what they want with him or how they are controlling him but they have to be right? The release was unprecedented so they have to have some hold over him now… but we will have to wait and see.

The other problem is Hugh. He has been missing for well over 2 months now and I am worried. When we last talked he said something about a vacation and I thought nothing of it. Everyone needs to get away sometimes. Am starting to think that maybe… maybe he was talking about something else. I have been completely unable to find him and Galahad has been less than helpful. I am tempted to break cover and well see if making a big enough splash will draw him to the surface. The neighbourhood has started to clean up of late though which is odd the old ork crew and there usual rival trolls have both vanished and we seem to have had a rather large influx of humans. Who knows maybe this corporate revival will actually be good for the city. We shall have to wait and see.

See you soon J

Recording End
Scrambling and encrypting
Message sent


It has been about 3 weeks since the death of Randal Cichlid, you have all been living it up or at least relaxing and spending some of the hard earned cash you got from Feir for saving his sister and you got 3 months worth of Black Ops pay from Lance as well just to put icing on the cake. But all good things must come to an end and all that and sadly this time was sooner rather than later. It is about 4 in the afternoon when you all get a ping

You all need to watch this feed its important
www.aresnewsnet.com/state of address
Be prepared for fallout

Hugh Rosewood's Diary 2

Ladies and gentlemen, we got him. The only downside is that nobody was paying us to do it and now we’re going to have to run around to scrape together the reward we should get for, you know, saving the country and probably ending the war in one fell swoop. At least we have the proof in the footage we took and in having the fucking body, minus one head. Trip killed him. Just like she did with James, poof, like lightning, one swing of her arm and his head gets torn off his neck. I’d say I’m a little worried about that girl but Rei turned into a drake and busted through the exterior wall of the Cichlid mansion to get us out. In reality I’m worried about all of us.

Good news though – Theoden’s alive and relatively unharmed. Not insane either, I think. Philip, Jaya and Lance are okay too so their raid went better than ours. We got Elaine out and she was treated well apparently, which is good because that’ll keep Theoden in check for a little while. All in all our little gang seems to have survived this whole ordeal intact – we even picked up a couple of new members who helped us out on the raid. They seem pretty competent, but they still need to learn that psycho adepts aren’t to be fucking negotiated with.

One snag is that Elaine has something slightly wrong with her – it’s just a little niggling thing in astral perception but her heart has this funny glimmer about it. I wouldn’t put much thought into it but when I asked Gallahad about it he got all weird and mentioned that Fier wasn’t just a dragon, he was the Fallen King before the old bastard fucked off to go talk to the spirit council or someshit. It’s a little concerning but apparently Fier is on his way back to pick up the political pieces before Mikinoet takes over everything in the chaos. I’ll ask him about it then. The other snag is that apparently Randall actually had a plan beyond world domination – the insect spirits were helping him stop… something. Something that is now our problem. It’s probably a bad sign but I’m having trouble giving a shit at all. This is genuinely not my business at all. I think I may have helped save the world – I’m a 21 year old SINless scum troll ganger who’s got into some seriously shady shit and this is nothing to do with me. Sure, I may have done the job that CAS’ black ops guys couldn’t do and I am going to be royally pissed if they don’t cut me some hazard pay for that but something that needs insect spirits to deal with it is None. Of. My. Concern.

You know what is my concern? Not dying. I’ve bled a lot in my life and come pretty close to biting it a whole bunch of times but the last 48 hours have been a record – ambushed and nearly torn to pieces by no-shit shadowrunners with a no-shit contract out on me and then being perforated by machinegun fire not 12 hours later. This is actual bullshit. I’ve finally made up my mind. I have the cash and despite what Zhang said my magic isn’t worth nearly dying for. I need augmenting, like, pronto. Good news is I know Jaya’s got a Beta-level clinic and one of the new recruits is a cyber and biotechnologist. It’ll be expensive but fuck it, I need the edge.

Makeshift todo list:

  • Talk to House Mikinoet and get me some talismans or foci or something as a reward for icing Randall. If I’m getting auged, my magic’s gonna need a boost.
  • Get blood money from CAS. Probably through Lance. Fuck those assholes, even if we weren’t officially contracted we had better get a reward for the Randall job.
  • Get auged. Probably talk to Jaya once she gets back.
  • Go the fuck into hiding for a bit. The next few weeks are going to be politics I suspect. If things get down and dirty then sure, I’ll go do some wetwork, but hopefully it won’t come to that.
  • Talk to Fier about this Fallen King shit. Never, ever cut a deal with a dragon is being ignored because he’s a friend but if there’s some spirit politics going on I need to know so I can get the fuck out before it’s too late.
  • Start planning. Get the safehouse back in action. Get a new bolthole. Restock. There will always be more jobs and I’m about to start spending which means I need to be ready for work.
  • Shoot straight, watch your back, conserve ammo and never, ever cut a deal with a goddamn dragon
Hugh Rosewood's Diary
I don't know

I’m writing this in the kitchen of a screwcase street doc’s apartment while he’s setting Adam’s broken arm. James could have killed him with that punch. Hell, he should have killed him. The guy fucked up. I guess he’s spent the last two months torturing his worst enemy while every other threat to him is either out of the city or in a coma – not surprising he got cocky. I’m surprised nobody even said anything about what I did to his body this time. They’re taking it well. Even people like Ripper Thrag used to give me looks when I sharked out on a guy like that. Runners are a different breed I suppose.

That’s something I’ve been thinking about the past few months. Even while in a coma – and especially since I got out of it. Being a runner. I don’t know what the fuck this is and I don’t know if I ever did. I didn’t even hesitate to say yes when the job offer came around and I think even then I knew deep down that saying yes meant signing away my right to a quiet death.

Runners don’t retire. I know that. Hell, I think everyone knows that if they think about it hard enough. I’m not deluded enough to think that I’m going to make a fortune in this life and retire to a Full-Immerse tank somewhere. Hell, even if I do make a fortune instead of dying in a corporate fortress somewhere, I don’t think it’s possible to go back to a life that doesn’t involve hiding and killing. All that shit around us that’s supposed to protect us – all the tech and the magic and the armies of hard-eyed bastards ready to kill – that’s all my enemy. Every camera, every alarm, every heuristic program designed to predict movements, it’s all closing in on me. Hell, I guess it has been my whole life, but Lone Star and the corps don’t call in milspec to deal with a lowlife troll ganger.

I ate a man earlier today who has spent his whole life learning to kill with magic. This is the type of person who is after me now. James was a psycho – one of those rare stone cold ultra killers who doesn’t feel nothing when he hurts you. What worries me is I don’t feel nothing either. I don’t want to be James.

There’s something I’m putting off talking about. Red is dead. I killed him. Well, I killed what was left of him – I think he was dead long before I got to him. Randal’s people turned him into some kind of cyborg. He looked like shit even before I cut his head off and he exploded. I had a lot of time to think about that while I was in the hole – not that the hole was real, mind you, but still. Red is the reason I’m not still wearing gang colours and breaking legs for a living. If he hadn’t hired me, Zhang would never have found me and I would never have learned magic. Without that, I sure as shit wouldn’t be running now. Scratch that, I wouldn’t be breathing now. Zhang is the reason I got over that Black ICE shit. I don’t know how long I would have lasted without him, but it wouldn’t have been long. A few months maybe. Red and Zhang saved my life and now Red’s dead and nobody but me cares. I feel like I gotta say a few words.

Dear Red
I don’t know if I can say anything that makes what happened any better. I’d like to think that I was doing you a favour after what they did to you, but it doesn’t change the fact that I wasn’t thinking about anything but watching you die. I’m not 100% sure I believe everything that Zhang said, even now, but I’d like to think that you’re still out there somewhere, looking after me.

We never talked about it, but I’ve never forgotten that conversation we had in the restaurant when you first hired me. It’s even more relevant now that I’m a runner. I know you died doing the only thing you knew how to do, and if you were still here you wouldn’t let anything stop you from doing what you do. I still don’t know how to do anything else. I still hurt people and steal things for money and if anything I’ve gotten much fucking better at it since I stopped working for you. Things have gotten all fucked up – so much more so than any time when we were tight – even that thing with the death cult and the poison gas. I’m looking at Adam dig his nails into his arm to check that he’s not still inside a machine, whenever I look at Trip and Rei I see the dragon she really is and I see Trip sticking her arm through James’ chest. I feel like I should walk out of this room and keep walking until everyone is gone and then curl up and wait for it all to stop.

If you taught me anything you taught me that I don’t know how to do that, no matter how much I want to. I know that when we’re all fixed up I’m going to look at our options and I’m going to keep fighting anyone who gets in my way because that is all I know how to do. I don’t have a regular type life and I never will. You taught me that. I don’t know if I should thank you or spit on your memory for that, but I think it’s kept me sane.

Things are fucked, Red. You’re gone and the only people I can look to now are as fucked as I am. I’m gonna miss you, man.

I think we’re going to be moving out in a minute. I need to get my head back in the game.

Jailbreak Part 1
Batman Returns

One month later and we’ve been waging a gorilla war.
Fun fact: Does not contain monkeys, apes on the other hand…

We have been camping for a while now, continuously moving and taking the occasional combat teams into the city. The spirits still control the majority of the city. Phillip hasn’t been heard from in a while, he seems to have destroyed his commlink, but the news reports something ripping through gangs every now and again. Mama confirmed that she and Papa used to work as hired Runners for CAS like we are now. Also the guys are attempting to copy the copier machine, sorry, “Desktop Forge

Breaking News: Theodin! He’s alive! The logical part of me says it could easily be a trap with James either shapeshifting into him or Theodin being possessed insectly, but anyway.. The possibly Thoedin was being led out of town hall and to *Fear*’s tower, now a prison facility.

Mission: Save Theoman, Wait! Batdin. NO! Fuck! Navanlos?

So let’s go rescue Theodin, and hope he’s not intangible this time.

The gang assembles with our new armour and newer addition member, identity unknown as of yet, and get into an attack copter. We land safely on the roof of the prison. Cass gives me some explosives that I plant on a side of the building whilst Adam tests out his cane on the cameras, burning out their optics.

Getting impatient, our newest member rushes into the door and breaks through..

To be continued.

The Aftermath
The Seeds of War

Well, we have Vampires in the safehouse and Insect Spirits taking over downtown…

After you’re done processing that the TV has some new news for you. Turns out CAS (Central American States for people like me who don’t speak acronym) don’t want to start a war, so accept Louisiana’s withdrawal from CAS and “will help to make this transition successful”
Read: “will help, with many missiles and bullets

The TV goes on to announce Mississippi and Texas also want to leave. The picture of the orcen General’s face would be priceless at this moment if the news weren’t so serious.
Must not be silly, must not be silly, must not be silly

Marshall Law is declared and the PCP (no translation this time, sorry) believe that the families are to blame for the sad state of affairs. So then it gets worse, and personal, if it wasn’t already.

The house starts to shake and the very near and very loud sounds of shells get us grasping for our stuff as we leg it. We pack the van and drive towards the lagoons, out of the shelling zone and the insect controlled areas of the city. Phillip decides to stay behind to find Theodin. So very tempted to join him, I am bundled into the vehicle as it leaves the area. House Cyclid do not join us. Our final views of the city are filled with fires and rubble of buildings I used to know.

We get to the Grand Lagoon where a CAS army camp has been set up. The soldiers have different reactions as we disembark the battered van. They seem to fear Fear, well, it is his name I guess.. They respect Mama and it seems she has worked for them at some point. They view us as street scum, or that might be just me in which case they are correct, but that’s still no reason to point guns at us.

We get led to the main tent to meet this guy. Serah and Dorian are there, so its a happy(ish) reunion with Fear and Elaine. On the way I may have found a tent containing lasers! Will have to sneak in there later.. oh yer, back to inportant guy. His name was Corporal Lance Walsh. Turns out his CO (Commanding Officer) was the orc on TV, General Andross and he knew Mama as Jaya.

Something bad happened to Chicago years ago, involving a large bomb, and Mama, Papa and Andross may have been involved.

Anyways, we got to talking with Lance and he admitted shelling the supposedly empty civilian areas of the city to scare Randall. Also they have around a dozen magical soldiers and could use our help. Dorian explained to use that we need to get some of that blue stuff that Theodin gave me, it repels spirits or something.

They have a desktop forge! Yay… dunno what it is… Apparently copies things.. I wander if you could copy full credsticks…

So it looks like we’ll be out of the city for a few months…
I just bought a house, dammit!

The Sixth Job - Massacre
Just.. Fuck..

So, it started as a party..
Fear meet up with us in an Orange Zone bistro called the Pig’s Stomach (in French) to debrief us. We were a tad bit late, Phillip forgot to pass on the message… Adam blinded an old lady on the way with his new cane and was obsessing over this thing called Bacon that Phillip had been serving. Fear informed us of the roles we’d be playing, Adam, Hugh, Yuzu and Cass being bodyguards and Ray and myself baby-sitting his sister, whose party it was.
Theme: High Society

Some of the people at the party:
House Meilurax – Fear’s a member, hosts of Elaine ’s coming-out party
House Mekanet – Serah ’s a member, mostly focused on magic
House Ackles – Dorian ’s a member, mostly focused on technology
House Cyclid – Randall ’s a member, creepy vampiric jerks

Day of the Ball

Drove up to Meilurax Towers. MY GOD IT’S MASSIVE! (Obligatory that’s what she said comment) It’s as large as 10 skyscrapers put together, well almost, and there’s a mansion on the top, all made of expensive building materials. It takes 10 minutes to drive to the entrance of this building! We arrive to the entrance, enter into a hyper-super-fast-space-glass lift which goes at super sonic speeds to bring us to the penthouse floor. We entered as Fear descended the stair and directed us to where we needed to go. Apparently there are dragons coming tonight. DRAGONS! I hope I don’t get eaten.. (Some Laufer and a Hesterby )

We met Elaine. She is gorgeous. Even in her band t-shirt, some orc and elf rock group, she is amazingly attractive. Totally have to direct her away from Adam.. She seemed distracted, tense and generally nervous. Ray and I managed to calm her down and get her and ourselves ready for the ball. Stupid dress taking ages to get on. Meanwhile the boys were having fun socialising with the other guests, creating links for the fake/becoming real Paragon Security business. I believe Cass met up with Dorian and had a bet, mostly because of the sudden Gangam Style over the speakers.

We entered the ball last with the guest of honour, no introductions for us though. Probably for the best. Ray and I spent the time until Dinner talking to guests with Elaine, meeting her parent’s, Sandra and Richard Meilurax. Theodin was also around.

Romantic Musings
Theodin likes Elaine, don’t know if reciprocated.
Serah likes Dorian, but he doesn’t seem to notice and their families would frown upon it.

Conversation Topics

  • Shooting in the Yellow Zone – Us
  • Car jumping a helicopter – Us
  • Car chase in the Elven Grotto – Us
  • Break in at Aztec – Us
  • The murder of a tech guy – Dunno, probably going to be us
    Yer… we need to be more subtle…

Fear taught us a handy lesson “You need to be specific when you lie”. Dorian was talking to us about the “blue” injections from the first mission that I found seems to be some kind of anti-spirit concoction, something new and worth investigating. The dragons entered as did Randall, who started complaining about our company’s legality, such a jerk. Hugh’s Evopet seemed to have fun and Sandra certainly liked it. As we were sitting down Adam started talking to Chen from the Council of Curu about possible business opportunities. We got to sit on the First Table!

Table Arrangement:

Just before Dinner, Cass had been monitoring the security feeds to the cameras around the building, he noticed an argument taking place resulting in the murder of the guest. Fear thought the Gao Lin had arrived and we were to keep an eye out. Great, just what we need, some assassins…

Dinner was amazing! The food was so good! I’m guessing I’ll never get to have any again, but I must admit, Elaine’s food choices seemed more to my tastes, Macaroni Cheese and Burgers or something. Part way through the meal we had several music changes, including Elaine’s favourite “Trees and Rocks” . Also during the meal people started getting poisoned. Made me miss the end of the meal! Theodin gave me the marching orders: “The unconscious are already dead, we can still save the twitching and numb limbed guests.

This was just the beginning.

We evacuated Elaine out the room with Ray whilst the rest of us helped with the fallout. Thinking it to be a massive distraction and after we had done all we could, we rushed to find Ray and Elaine in the safe room with Theodin discretely dispatching some insect spirits. Richard and Sandra decided to stay behind in the main hall. Theodin’s feelings for Elaine were fairly obvious now, but he feigned ignorance of the spirits when Fear entered.

After ascertaining their safety, we rushed back to the main room to see a blood bath. The floor was damp with the blood of the hundreds of guests whose bodies lay broken, some torn limbs from limb; some gutted and skewered in the seats they ate at. The lifeless corpses of Richard and Susan lay at the feet of the first table, their eyes pointed accusingly up at the only vertical figure in the room. The man threw aside the body of Yuzu and turned to face us. Navanlos. Or more specifically, the Other Navanlos. JUST. FUCK

We charged at the ruby coated figure and soon dispatched him. With Hugh starting to devour him, the true Other Navanlos made himself known, with the person we destroyed being his clone. He ran off only to have me then Theodin chase him. He climbed to the roof and I managed to observe him talking to Randall, calling him master, and generally admitting to organising the whole massacre (which I recorded). GODDAMN IT RANDALL! The Other Navanlos, or James as he was being called, killed all the guest and Fear’s parents, although had aimed to killed Fear and Elaine as well. Randall was referred to as an insect shaman and would seem to be in control of all the insect spirits.

Theodin caught up and engaged the pair of them, starting a massive magic battle. They ceased to exist at any speed capable of human perception. Colours and streaks of magic filled the night’s sky. It was the most beautiful and terrifying thing I have ever witnessed…

Then I lost consciousness.

What the others did, to the best of my knowledge:

  • Cass skydived out the building with Elaine, James Bond style.
  • Hugh and Adam took the lift.
  • Dunno what Ray did.
  • Yuzu was dead so did nothing.

Everyone, plus Fear and Elaine (who Cass had knocked out), then met up at the safehouse with Mama and Papa. When I arrived, I reviewed the footage I had taken of the fight showing Randall and James kiddnapping Theodin with the intent of putting an insect spirit in him!

Things can only get better, right? Right?…

We turned on the TV to see Randall declaring the Red Zone and the Elven Grotto separate from the rest of the city and basically declares war. Rules 3, 10 & 11 in effect:
3. Don’t believe what we are told.
10. Never get personally involved.
11. When the job is done, walk away.

Then there’s a knocking at the door and three House Cyclid vampires enter. They offer to help us against Randall and his army.He was acting alone and they can offer us night time fighters and out of city weapons and technology manufacturing facilities. But can we trust them?

So now begins the start of that infernal war.
The event that would change our lives forever.

The 12 Days of Preparation
Shopping for Dummies

Who knew shopping could get so.. complicated?
Basically after giving us a scare Phillip finally turned up and debriefed us. Seems we may be wanted…

Turns out next we had Fear ’s job coming up so we had to get ready for it and that meant shopping.. and pain, actually, but mostly shopping.

The pain was due to the fact that Mama chopped my feet off and replaced them with more organic ones, technically also mine. To put in context, she removed my cybernectic ones and give me the ones off a clone that had been grown for me. Kinda creepy, but apparently necessary for my “magic” to grow.

I spent some evenings at Phillip’s Bar teaching Adam what I knew about fancy parties and the mornings house hunting. Apparently I was in need of new accommodation (my soaking from Adam’s van certainly showed my team’s thoughts on the matter ¬.¬) and so took a house in the Yellow zone, away from the insect infestation than we had just recently escaped. The rest of the team got up to their various training as I had mine with my mentor.

After playing with my new house’s facilities the team was ready to go shopping for clothes for Fear’s party. The shop was in the Orange zone and manned by a queer Orc, something which Adam had a problem with. We all finished shopping, with me getting a dress and the others getting their tuxes. Adam also bought some kind of cane…

Ray seemed to have a lot of fun shopping. So we paid the bill and got out of their, only after noting how much money we’d been given. It appeared Fear had given us far too much money again..
So, fund an army of hobos with guns, get a personalised helicopter or equip ourselves for the upcoming war?

If only we knew what was coming…

In Fashion atm:
A Cotton blend with optic wiring which has the ability to change colour

NB: We owe Fear at least 200,000Y

What followed after

After what can only be described as a traumatic experience for all involved at the Aztechnology facility the runners made there way back to The Sunbeam tavern. They have a quick chat with Philip before heading in to the back room to meet with the Johnson. At this point the all settle down to hand over the goods and receive there cash. After about 10 mins of waiting the Johnson walks in hair a tad disheveld and shirt decidedly scruffy, almost as though he had just pulled him self away from something and gotten dressed in a hurry.

‘Oh good I am glad to see you have got the stuff. If you would care to hand over the device anything else gained on the trip is yours to do with as you see fit.’ Upon claiming the device
‘you Nyen will be transferred within the hour. Oh and I would advise lying low for the next few weeks Aztechnology will more than likely be after you’ He looks pointedly at Adam as this was said. ‘Adam in future obey Rule 10 please. Prepare for Fier’s job as best you can but be quite about it but from what I can tell it should be easy money.’ With that he leaves and you slowly filter out agreeing to meet again here the day before Fier’s mystery job.

The Ant Hill
A break out gone wrong.

*The GM is doing this one. When just musing on the scene I will use Italics *

After finally waking Tonir the group make a start running straight to the Sunbeam Tavern. Whilst there they get a talk from Papa about how Tonir stank to high heaven of something or other that they could not smell. He was interrupted mid tirade by a knock on the door.

After a brief talk by the door Papa came back and told them that the bar was about to be raided by Lone star. This would have been all well and good if the tech that Lone Star where using had not been so damn good. It managed to gather that the SIN’s that Technomancer and the Samurai where using where less than legal so arrested them they also found out that Netherpools SIN was fake but they did not arrest him they asked him to come in for a chat though.

I had as a GM not intended for this sceen to do this but after 2 of the players got 0 successes to my to sets of 4 I thought I could run with it which lead to the next load of crazy for the players

When those 3 had left the bar a sudden and hurried discussion got the rest of the Runners to call Feir to see if he could get the other 2 out of there Jam. It was decided that he would help some people lose some paper work so that they would never be processed and should be out by the next evening.

When they arrived at the station Adam was taken off to an interrogation room and had a long discussion with someone from the department and the full consequences of this talk have yet to be realized

Later that night after a 2 orks impersonate a slapstick double act by punching each other in the face whilst trying to beat up on the street samurai they both got a strange visit from a man the Samurai recognized as Navanlos sprung them from there cell and took them for a ride.

This was a kind of spur of the moment decision. There was part of me that wanted to show the players what they are messing with but also to kick this part of the plot in to high gear

After a short helicopter ride over the City to the Eleven Ghetto of all places they are both escorted in to an abandoned warehouse and lead underground by 2 quite large Orks. It is at this point the Technomancer sends off a cry for help to the rest of the runners. They are both lead till they reach a large vaulted chamber and see what seems to be 5 people surrounding a woman in the center of the room. It is a this point they where both promptly knocked unconscious

The rest of the team instead of just rushing in they thought ahead and called in the big guns. They agreed to meet Navanlos and Philip by the warehouse. Its at this point a quick recon shows them that they are out numbered and out gunned but Philip and Navanlos reckless disregard for there numbers means they press on forward.

They got ridiculously luck with how crap I rolled on the activation scale of the lair they only ran in to guards just before the main chamber.

The fight was short and dirty with Rosewood having learned from his previous mistakes started the fight by running from the guards whilst shooting them. They managed to survive a few seconds fighting the spirits but it soon became clear that again they where slightly over matched but this is when Philip stepped in ended the fight before it could really get out of hand. With the corpses of the insect spirits littering the doorway they entered the Main hall.

In the hall they saw 3 mages chanting over what seemed to be the corpse of Navanlos, After a quick and dirty fight where they manage to kill 2 of the 3 mages but the 3rd escapes them and raises the alarm and they start running.

After escaping with a badly wounded Philip and Novanlos and there 2 lost runners they make a beeline for Mama’s place. However they have a ‘minor’ issue with some of the local traffic on the drive home and Rosewoods van is badly damaged. This leads to him losing his cool upon arrival at mama’s and tearing up some if not most of the car park. After a talk with mama where her and some of the team butt heads quite badly they all head home to lick there wounds and contemplate their upcoming run on Aztechnology.


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