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The files you requested sir on the new organisation that has sprung up under the patronage of the houses we are not 100% who yet but Feir is involved. Below is a link to there bios and a quick descriptor of them hope you find it helpful

The core crew

Adam Netherpool : A notorious rigger we lost quite a few men to his drones and traps. Has some relation to the serial killer Hack the Flayer

Dr. Linford Rake : An ex doctor with a bit of a cyber-were obsession it may end up being his downfall

Hugh Rosewood : Was a leg breaker for the mob now we are not sure what he is but we would rather him work for us

Pipan Stra – Trips : little is known on her we just know she is good at breaking and entering

Reiora ‘Rei’ Ellis : Mercenary Welsh dwarf still waiting on Wales to upload her file to our system rumored strong magical talent

Probationary members

Robert Cameron : No Known Records

I think that is everything you asked for

Wow they know a lot about you lot … might want to try and fix that – A friend

Whatever pays the bills

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